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About US

Focusbird is a custom software development company that offers end-to-end, scalable-technology solutions that allow companies to meet short-term needs, while supporting future growth. We use an iterative, agile software engineering methodology to create usable applications that solve your real-world problems. For your company this means cost savings, reduced risks, and flexibility.

With Focusbird you get a single vendor who can provide graphic design, programming, hosting, search engine optimization, Internet marketing, website management and operations, long term support, and much more!

We offer a fixed-scope fixed-price project, a monthly retainer or flexible time & materials option, as well as any combination of the three. Regardless, the basic principle of accountability is the same: we firmly believe that a vendor should deliver quality on time and pay the price if they don't, whether they are paid by the hour or based on milestones.

We also offer mobile application development services for iOS and Android.

When working with Focusbird, our clients get accustomed to our way of ending every conversation. We summarize it to ensure clear communications, and then ask “what is next?” to detail the next steps we are going to take based on the interaction.

What is next now? Contact us, let's meet to discuss the possibilities. We want to learn about your business, and answer any questions you may have. We are not going to push our products or services. However, we hope that you contact us when you need them. We are very interested in building a mutually beneficial long lasting relationship with your Organization.


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