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Application Maintenance

focusbird allows clients to be competitive using the method of ongoing application maintaining and assist the client to reduce the maintenance costs. We are decided related to our high quality, regular reaction and guaranteed services levels. With International Software development centers in India, Variance InfoTech can serve as an expansion with the client's help team and provides 24 X 7 support services.

Outsourcing application maintaining services to focusbird will help you maintain the application up & running in the competitive edge. The world class and technologies driven maintaining services can address all your software maintenance needs. The software maintenance services are made to fulfill your organization goals. Outsource software maintaining solutions to focusbird and get use of high quality solutions having a fast turn-around time.

focusbird is skilled in Customer Relationship Management application maintenance, E-Commerce application maintenance, Medical application maintenance, Legacy System maintenance, Website Maintenance, Lead Management application maintenance and actually fixed website maintenance.

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focusbird's solutions consist of cost effective maintenance and help for real time Websites, such as technical and user help. focusbird strongly outlines needs and customize the maintenance procedure for special client requirements. We provide for each project a powerful strategy for software maintenance, depending on the Rational Unified process and our own proprietary High quality Management System.