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Application Migration

With the extreme modifications of business method, organizations worldwide are faced the difficulties that need them to upgrade the software and legacy systems with all the newest technologies. Software Migration efficiently and quickly shifts software to better technology with all the newest architectures and designs and at the same time keeps it is primary objectives. At focusbird, we have the group designed with the specified skills to identify the difficulties included and offer the best solution in software migration. We allow you with the smooth transition of the software with no losing your useful data and also at similar time keeping the essential features of your set up business model.

We offer you choices for software migration getting care of planning, setting up, testing and help. We re-engineer legacy software to meet present business models. We offer pre and post migration support and guarantee that the migration process is usually a simple transition in one platform to another.

With expertise and providing several of our clients, our licensed experts have acquired knowledge of software migration such as classic ASP to ASP.NET migration, PHP to ASP.NET migration, Mainframe to Client - Server architect, JAVA to .NET migration, My SQL to MS SQL migration, PostgreSQL to MS SQL migration and much more. We re-engineer legacy software to satisfy present business models.

Our Application Migration Service Includes

We offer pre and post migration help and guarantee which the migration process is a simple transition from a single platform to another.