Housekeeping is the department that deals essentially with cleanliness and all support services for it.

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House keeping


Laundry Item :This option is to enter Laundry items its rate and its no.

Minibar Item :This option is to enter Minibar item detail its name and description.

House Keeping Panel


Task :This option is to Performance or management of household tasks.

Laundry Bill :This option is to enter the details for Laundry bill & generating bill.

Minibar Bill :This option is to enter the details for Minibar bill & generating bill.

Complain Search :This option is to search for complain entered from various department and to check the status of complain.

Shift Close :This option is to enter the detail for the shift status with shift name and the employee.

  • System instantly assigns room status at the start of the day (dirty or inspect).

  • Daily Housekeeping Report: Staff obtains a printable report of daily vacancies, occupancies, checkins, checkouts and maintenance notes as well cleaning instructions.

  • Staff can return to the report and modify the status from dirty/inspect to "Inspected" or "Cleaned".

  • Staff can also modify classification to "Repair" if there exists a maintenance problem with the room.

  • Notes on a repair can be combined with updates. Restore problems persist as notes for that room with just unresolved repairs showing on the regular housekeeping report.

Housekeeping is usually an individual security area so users may be granted clearance for this module with or without clearance to other modules.