Tools (Technology):


Business Needs:

Background: One of the company's clients major electronics company, required an app with HTTP technique since the method of changing data in the form of XML files. The very first stage of the project will make use of HTTP and second stage will make use of HTTPS, the Safe Version of HTTP data change. This document explains the delivery of HTTP protocol.

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The goal of that document is actually to offer sufficient technical details to permit Company's IT staff to know just what elements are utilized within this app, how they connect and what is Provided as the last product.

The development goal is to create a common application which is completely abstract to be independent of a particular customer's needed configuration. To that end, and as much as possible, settings variables are saved in the database so the application doesn't need a significant change, should it be used on other Company's client's websites.

The Solution:

Focusbird developed software which gives to handle Inbound and Outbound call from and from the application. There is actually the administration panel to handle the file path and other details.

Below is the some of the Features:


Background Process (Using Windows Service):

Inbound (Receive File): Application has common URL that has verification system so any document ask for come from Logistic clients the first confirm the verification and enable file to keep in Particular folder in the Directory repository.

Outbound (Send File): There is another need to publish file to logistic client's server. We use Firewatcher to look at particular folder of application to confirm new/updated files. If files newly added in or updated then windows services that has File Watcher object perform where we have logic to deliver file to Client server using HTTP Web Request.

Administration Management:

As per the customer need our technical staff developed admin tool which is used by client team to confirm present status of the system Application show listing of inbound and outbound files.

Application has service to manage file location, database connection for background process and verification details.

Technology Used:

Front End

Languages: ASP.NET with C#, Framework 4.0
Feature Used:
HTTP Web request, File System, Web Service

Back End

Database: SQL Server 2008 R2