Manufacturers of disposable plastic

Tools (Technology):

Sage CRM

Client Profile:

Company produce every personal collection of full-sized and small dishes, drinkware, barware, tableware and offering ware fills a particular niche in food presentation and offers each possibility for aesthetic celebration.

Company uses Sage CRM since 2010.

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Business Needs:

Lead Management

Company interested to have concrete lead management service so HOT leads can be tried out more quickly.

Real-time notification of the leads.


When any new leads put into the Sage CRM recognized allocated person can get the notification email.
When any new leads combined with the Sage CRM and unassigned then notification email goes to information email.
When there will be no task on allocated leads in 5 days then notification goes to information email with information from the leads.


First 2 need implemented utilizing Work-flow module of the Sage CRM
Third need to get leads without action in five days needed Code level customization

Following steps we follow to be able to match the requirement in Sage CRM.

  • step 1
    Team at Focusbird study your need and determine to use Sage CRM web service with Classic ASP code.
  • step 2
    Develop Classic ASP web page and use the web service to call all leads without action since last Five days using examining the changed date with present date.
  • step 3
    Gather all leads and send an individual email user wise to the regarded person from the company with particular leads information.


This software is really a collective work consisting of these particular main Open Source elements: