Tools (Technology):


Client Profile:

Company is actually the program consulting firm in UK. Company's primary concentrates on product development solutions generally in Human Resources Company. Company has several clients in various fields such as Automotive, Retail, and Manufacturing etc.

Project Screenshot

Business Requirements:

Company desires to develop multi client hiring website hosted on cloud. The main goal was to separate data from a client to another.

Each client has several companies to satisfy client requirements from submission of resumes of applicants to selecting of candidate.

The Solution:

Focusbird offered the solution of Online Hiring website particularly for UK companies. The system met all the needs which are needed to set up an online recruitment system.

Below is the some of the Features:

Technology Used:

Front End

Languages: ASP.NET with C#, Framework 3.5
Feature Used:
ASP.NET Graph, sqldump to dynamically create client wise database.

Back End

Database: Postgre 9.1.1